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A Program To Improve Earning Capacities By Improving Internal Business Creativity

Improvement of Internal Business Creativity

What is it?

A workshop & training for all participants to contribute more

- to reach the goals and targets
- to meet the profit expectations
- to improve earning capacities

of the company, by

- putting into effect the internal creativity
- better utilizing existing resources

on a smart, efficient and fast way.

Main Elements

First Step:  a one-day startup workshop & training

Next Steps: processes are being carried forward within the teams.

Cost Effective

- program is built on utilizing existing internal resources

- only one, the first day of the program is held by external trainer, consultant

- thereafter the "drivers of the changes" are the head of the teams, divisions.

We recommend this program for
  1. International and multinational companies
  2. SMB-s.

Teams, groups, departments from within the organization.

Recommended number of participants

The reach best efficiency minimum 3, maximum 16 participants in one group are welcome.

To Management Teams, too

Tailor-made versions to (top) management people

With added focus to:

- Even more organized and structured operation

- Cost reduction, rationalization

- Increase activity

- Grow up High Performing Teams.

When do you need this program?

If at least one of the statements hereunder fits to your company;

  • There are internal conflicts either within teams or among teams
  • The processes are too slow
  • We are not efficient enough
  • Our operating costs are high
  • People are complaining, but doing nothing for change
  • People are waiting for somebody who says them what to do
  • We react for the problems when they actually happen.

What are the Expected Results?

- Improved processes

- Improved internal communications

- Streamlined and more rational operation

- Cost reductions and optimization

- Proactive approach

- More accurate and in time delivery of targets and goals.

Side Effects

- Better, more collaborative teams

- Open, honest and constructive communications

- Creative business behaviour

- Strengthened loyality

- Even more employees, who like to work for your company.

Not only cost effective, but also ...

Why is it Highly Effective?
The participants:

- define and assign their own tasks

- execute and accomplish their own tasks

- set their own deadlines

- define their own "next steps".

Are you more interested to meet in person?

We would be pleased.


Further professional details
Mr. Lajos Szujo, M: +36-30-325-0000, Lajos. Szujo @ LCone. com

Important Remark:

Multiple implementations of the refocussed program in various business environments have been executed successfully