Ms. Gillian Homeri's professional development programs
available to the professional business organisations in Hungary by LC One

What good
Customer Service

an expert training
 customer service people
Ms. Gillian Homeri

This program will help
you and your organisation in:

Understanding what good Customer Service is. Participants share their own experiences of receiving good and bad customer service and work towards an understanding of common principles.

The Customer is King? Participants explore ideas about customer relations. Which beliefs underpin a productive, “win-win” attitude – and which beliefs can undermine it.

Communicating with the customer

  • Body language – creating a good impression without words
  • Exploring a range of communication styles. Participants identify their own preferred style of communicating and learn about its possible impact on others. They practice modifying their own style to enable them to create a rapport with different types of customer.
  • How to say “no” whilst maintaining a good relationship with the customer.
  • Dealing with verbal complaints and angry customers.
  • Effective telephone communication.

Optional Modules

  • Handling complaints in writing.
  • Identifying your customers and understanding their needs. (For participants working in with a range of internal customers)
  • Exploring the corporate Customer Service Charter.
  • Developing a Customer Service Charter for the team, department or company.
  • Taking Customer Service to the next level – using participants’ creativity to enhance the service provided at personal, team or corporate level.
  • The customer focussed company. How managers can motivate staff to give a better service, identify barriers and ways to overcome them and deal with staff who are underperforming.
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Ms. Gillian Homeri

Ms. Gillian Homeri is a British trainer with an international reputation. She specialises in personal and professional development, including management development, customer care and recruitment training.

Described by clients as "charismatic", Gillian's empathetic and dynamic approach has delivered excellent results across 3 continents.

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the British Psychological Society, her clients include the UK’s leading cultural relations organisation, the British Council, for whom she recently developed a performance management training programme with global impact.

Gillian has an equally strong background in business management and improvement, human resources and cultural relations.

For the last 15 years her career has taken her around the world. She has designed and delivered professional training programmes from London to Tokyo, from America to the Far East.

In her spare time she has co-produced and presented a radio programme serving minority communities in England, managed community cultural events and organised highly successful charity campaigns.

Gillian speaks English, Spanish, French, German and Hungarian.

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