Mr. Lajos Szujó

The most programs in English are arranged and conducted by Mr. Szujo, Executive Consultant of LC One's professional staff.
"Macro thinking and micro approach, with a human touch!" 
/Principle of Lajos Szujo/

- BA Econ., College for Foreign Trade (KKF), Budapest, Hungary
- BA Public Relations and Public Affairs, KKF, Budapest, Hungary
- Management and Leadership, Central-European University Business School, Budapest, Hungary

Advanced Studies

- Several management, leadership and performance management related trainings and studies in USA, Germany and the Netherlands

Work Experience and Professional Background

- More than 22 years work experience in real business life (management, sales, marketing, or operations) as staff member, manager, and, later, in several top management positions

- Work experience gained in international trading, financial investments, professional investments, information technology, telecommunications and industrial production sectors, at such a well-known companies, like Xerox, Compaq, Daewoo, EuroMACC and Ammeraal

Additional experience as executive and professional consultant and trainer at multinational and local companies, since 2007