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For Managers And Chief Officers, Too

Management & Leadership trainings

"Leadership That Get Results"

A comprehensive  series of programs to improve your people management and  leadership


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Workshop & Training

Improve Internal Creativity

Optimize - Decrease Costs - Increase Profit

A cost-effective program for all participants to contribute more

- to reach the goals and targets
- to meet the profit expectations
- to improve earning capacities

of the company, by

- putting into effect the internal creativity
- better utilizing existing resources

on a smart, efficient and fast way.


"Leadership That Get Results II."

Performance Management
Competence & Contribution

in daily practice

Leadership Development Program
 for middle- and top managers.

Always tailor-made to the individual needs and the specific business culture

For details please contact Mr. Lajos Szujo

LC One is proud to provide

Outstanding quality trainings & workshops by a dynamic and professional international team:

- management development
- leadership development
- situational leadership
- competence improvement
- sales force development
- customer care programs
- performance & competence management
- coaching
- employee engagement programs
- consulting services

to its international and local business partners.

The above list is not a complete one.

About Us & References

A Program For High Performing Companies

Developing Exceptional Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals are expected to drive revenue and company growth.

We work together with our partners to transform themselves to High Performing Companies from Sales points-of view, by developing their Sales Professionals.

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