About Us

professional staff has been providing professional solutions for the special, tailor-made training, workshop and coaching needs of its international and local business partners, for several years.

LC One's services are specialized for the top and middle management, especially, in the wide range of
- Management and Leadership
- People Management
- Performance Management
- Customer Care Development,
- Leadership Development issues.
We are also providing individual development programs for managers with their own teams.
Our coaching services include
- Executive and Business Coaching
- Structured and Thematic Coaching, and
- Traditional coaching services, too.

Mr. Lajos Szujó

The most programs in English are arranged and conducted by Mr. Szujo, Executive Consultant of LC One's professional staff.
"Macro thinking and micro approach, with a human touch!" 
/Principle of Lajos Szujo/

- BA Econ., College for Foreign Trade (KKF), Budapest, Hungary
- BA Public Relations and Public Affairs, KKF, Budapest, Hungary
- Management and Leadership, Central-European University Business School, Budapest, Hungary

Advanced Studies

- Several management, leadership and performance management related trainings and studies in USA, Germany and the Netherlands

Work Experience and Professional Background

- More than 22 years work experience in real business life (management, sales, marketing, or operations) as staff member, manager, and, later, in several top management positions

- Work experience gained in international trading, financial investments, professional investments, information technology, telecommunications and industrial production sectors, at such a well-known companies, like Xerox, Compaq, Daewoo, EuroMACC and Ameraal

- Several years of experience as executive and professional consultant, coach and trainer at multinational and local companies in Hungary and the EU

Ms. Gillian Homeri

Ms. Gillian Homeri is a British trainer with an international reputation. She specialises in personal and professional development, including management development, customer care and recruitment training.

Described by clients as "charismatic", Gillian's empathetic and dynamic approach has delivered excellent results across 3 continents.

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the British Psychological Society, her clients include the UK’s leading cultural relations organisation, the British Council, for whom she recently developed a performance management training programme with global impact.

Gillian has an equally strong background in business management and improvement, human resources and cultural relations.

For the last 15 years her career has taken her around the world. She has designed and delivered professional training programmes from London to Tokyo, from America to the Far East.

In her spare time she has co-produced and presented a radio programme serving minority communities in England, managed community cultural events and organised highly successful charity campaigns.

Gillian speaks English, Spanish, French, German and Hungarian.

- Mr. Lajos Szujó, executive consultant, partner
- Ms. Gillian Homeri, external consultant, Diversity expert
- Mr. László Bogdán, EQ specialist
- Ms. Rita E. Szabó, external expert