LC One - The Center for Leadership & Competence

realistic and human oriented workshop and training programs

Our Training Services Portfolio

- Managerial Skills Development
- Leadership Skills Dvelopment
- Executive Leadership

- Situational Leadership
- Extended Leadership
- Employee Engagement

- Performance Management

- Contribution Management
- Competency Management

- Organizational Development

- Assessment Center, (AC)
- Development Center, (DC)

- Motivation
- Internal and External Communications Development
- Internal Cooperation Development
- Team Building (traditional, fun)
- Professional Team Development

- Blue Collar Managers' Management & Leadership Training

- Developing Exceptional Sales Professionals (Sales Training)
- Customer Relationship Development Programs

- Conflict Management & Conflict Handling
- Conflict Resolution Workshops

- Communication Training
- Presentation Skills Development
- Assertive Communications

- Facilitated Workshops
- Tailor Made On-demand Trainings

EU-specific Trainings

- Understanding Diversity
- Performance Management for NGO-s
- Work/Life Balance
- Good Customer Service

Further Services Portfolio

- Structured and Thematic Business Coaching
- Executive Coaching
- Mentoring

- Business Management Consultancy
- Business Administration Consultancy


Business Creativity

Optimize - Decrease Costs - Increase Profit

A Program To Improve Earning Capacities By Improving Internal Business Creativity

Communication Skills Development

"Get Results" with excellent managerial and leadership business communications


Style - Etiquette - Communication

Business Style - Business Etiquette - Business Communication to support you reaching your business and personal goals

All-in-one training to maximise your personal impact on professional level

Performance Management

A professional program to ensure that your goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner

Customer Service

What Good Customer Service Is?

An expert training or customer service people by Ms. Gillian Homeri.

Understanding Diversity

How to utilize diversity to reach your business target

An expert workshop for all-level management people by Ms. Gillian Homeri

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