Lajos Szujo

Mr. Lajos SZUJO

founding partner, executive concultant

The most programs in English are arranged and conducted by Mr. Szujo, Partner, Executive Consultant of LC One's professional staff.

"Macro thinking and micro approach, with a human touch!" /Principle of Lajos Szujo/


  • BA Econ., College for Foreign Trade (KKF), Budapest, Hungary
  • BA Public Relations and Public Affairs, KKF, Budapest, Hungary
  • Management and Leadership, Central-European University Business School, Budapest, Hungary
  • Advanced Studies
  • Several management, leadership and performance management related trainings and studies in USA, Germany and the Netherlands
  • Work Experience and Professional Background

More than 22 years work experience in real business life (management, sales, marketing, or operations) as staff member, manager, and, later, in several top management positions

  • Work experience gained in international trading, financial investments, professional investments, information technology, telecommunications and industrial production sectors, at such a well-known companies, like Xerox, Compaq, Daewoo, EuroMACC and Ammeraal
  • Additional experience as executive and professional consultant and trainer at multinational and local companies, since 2007