Corporate Rebuilding & Restructuring After Covid-19

Professional Development and Training Program

Rebuilding, Reshaping And Restructuring Of Companies During And After The Consequences Of The Novel Coronavirus

We are proud to introduce our latest program to professionally help companies and corporations in their rebuilding, reshaping and restructuring due to Covid-19 crisis, to meet their new goals and business challenges. The program is based on the latest real business life experiences, especially from the second and first biggest economies of the World.

Corporate rebuilding and restructuring due to Covid-19 crisis

To reach the new goals and meet the continually evolving challenges our program provides:

  • A leadership focused development program with some managerial skills' development, too

  • Always optimized to the operational needs and individual specialties of our partners

  • A double leadership development focus, both to the people, the team members, and with another major focus, to the managers of the teams, too

  • For on-site and online working, and for its combined cases

with the in-depths and re-optimized daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly,... usage of the Performance- and Competency Management System.

Based on real-life experience - with special focus

The New Normal - Turbulent Times

Based on wide experiences, all managers and leaders have to be well-prepared for the new behaviors, the unusual and unexpected situations which are coming and getting stronger at each and every workplace, like e.g.:

  • More frequent mood-swings in the company

  • Fear of internal changes

  • People trying to find excuses due to the recent changes - and how to handle them

which can appear on personal or on team level, as well as between team cooperation regardless of the hierarchy in the company.

Moreover, leaders and managers have to be ready for external challenges as well, the similar situation:

  • From suppliers and vendors

  • From customers and consumers

  • From the public environment; including governmental bodies.

We and our program will help you and your company in the transition and to successfully go through this period.

Individual version for managers with extraordinarily high SQ (Systemizing Quotient)

The uniqueness of this program is based on

  • the speed

  • efficiency, and

  • result oriented mindset,

in which the participating managers together with their subordinate managers achieve their success by the delegation of leadership duties.

The leadership and managerial roles and duties get temporarily separated between the different types of Chief Officers and "Heads Of" in order to ensure the achievement of the business goals and internally rebuilding and restructuring the company.

A Different Approach

For Professional Sales Teams and Sales Individuals

Based on international experiences, the major focus for sales teams and sales professionals have has significantly turned towards

  • handling continuous failures

  • handling growing frustration

  • handling searching objections, and

  • handling complains.

For further information or details please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Lajos Szujo, who has arranged and organized this new program. Direct: +36-30-325-0000


I would like to share my personal experience, my background story regarding my new program

In February 2020 I had the chance to join the Global Elite of Business Administration (EBA) program of Shanghai SJTU, which is listed as one of the 50 Best Universities of the World (QS Ranking,

This EBA program started as a traditional university course, which, due to Covid-19, moved to online, and its professional focus has turned towards coronavirus crisis management, too.

Shanghai and its regions is three months ahead, and is having almost three months more experience in handling the Covid-19 crisis situation in business, than any other part of the World.

When I joined the program I had no imagination about the new competencies and bunch of new knowledge I would gain, but by now, I am proud of all I achieved.

Where these new competencies and knowledge are coming from?

  • Partly it is coming from my participation in the EBA program. Almost all of the lecturers are Shanghai-based European or American experts of their own fields, from real business life

  • Partly it is coming from my series of personal development sessions I made to a Chinese businessman, in exchange of the tuition fee of the EBA program. It helped me understand even deeper the business-, economy and financial operations of the 21st century China business life

  • Partly it is coming from several personal consultations and feedbacks from of EU and USA origin expats of local JVC-s in Shanghai region, which were arranged through my new connections developed by the EBA program

  • I also had the chance of arranging and evaluating a survey in People Management practices in Beijing area (mostly service sector, mid-sized companies) through some personal connections, completed with some deep interviews, too

  • I would like to definitely mention the series of international seminars, webinars, online conferences, university lectures as one of the major and continuous sources of my improved competencies. Among all those, I would like to point out the "Managing People in Turbulent Times" mutual program of the Dutch Vlerick Business School and the Peking University

  • Besides all these, the deep talks, sessions, feedbacks, ... with some CxO-s, managers and employees of our existing Hungarian and multinational local partners are also a key source of our continuous program improvement

  • The experiences of HR and business consultancy fields from USA and Canada are integrated into the program (after significant filtering and fine tuning)

I am proud of the arrangement, development and continuous improvement of our Rebuilding, Reshaping And Restructuring Of Companies During And After The Consequences Of The Novel Coronavirus program.

Lajos Szujo