About Us

Our professional staff has been providing professional solutions for the special, tailor-made training, workshop, consultancy and coaching needs of its international and local business partners, since 2007.

LC One's services are specialized for the top and middle management, especially, in the wide range of

  • Management and Leadership

  • People Management

  • Situational Leadership

  • Performance Management

  • Customer Care Development, and

  • Leadership Development issues.

We are also providing individual development programs for managers with their own teams.

Our coaching services (for individuals and teams, too) include

  • Executive and Business Coaching

  • Structured and Thematic Coaching & Workshop, and

  • Traditional coaching services, too.

The Core Team

  • Lajos SZUJO, founding partner, executive consultant

  • Rita Szabo, partner, consultant, Financial Consultancy Division

  • Our Team is always being supported and completed by well-experienced professional experts/consultants of specialized areas who gained their experiences in EU, North America and the Far East Region

Mr. Lajos Szujó

The most programs in English are arranged and conducted by Mr. Szujo, Partner, Executive Consultant of LC One's professional staff.

"Macro thinking and micro approach, with a human touch!" /Principle of Lajos Szujo/


  • BA Econ., College for Foreign Trade (KKF), Budapest, Hungary

  • BA Public Relations and Public Affairs, KKF, Budapest, Hungary

  • Management and Leadership, Central-European University Business School, Budapest, Hungary

Advanced Studies

  • Several management, leadership and performance management related studies in USA, Germany and the Netherlands

  • Continuous further development by MOOC-s and online education, too, at the world's best universities (USA, China) and in international training industry programs (USA)

Work Experience and Professional Background

  • More than 22 years work experience in traditional business enviroment (management, sales, marketing, and operations) as staff member, manager, and, later, in several higher executive and management positions

  • Work experience gained in international trading, financial investments, professional investments, information technology, telecommunications and industrial production sectors, at such a well-known companies, like Xerox, Compaq, Daewoo, EuroMACC and Ammeraal

  • 10+ years additional experience as executive and professional consultant and trainer at multinational and local companies, too

We are proud of our References:

Financial sector and financial investments

  • Local subsidiary of international financial institution

  • Hungarian subsidiary of International investment bank

  • International pension fund

  • Global insurance broker

  • European insurance company

  • Investments of international bank and insurance group

  • Hungarian financial investment group

Industrial manufacturing, industrial service, Construction

  • Several automotive component manufacturing companies

  • High technology automotive main component manufacturer

  • Automotive sales and service group in Hungary

  • Heavy industry manufacturer and wholesaler

  • Leading multinational metal trading group

  • International Trading House

  • Hungarian factory of leading multinational construction industry manufacturer

Hotel, Catering, FMCG, Food Processing

  • Four-star hotel complex in Hungary

  • World leading (within TOP 3) food manufacturer's CEE investments

  • Facility management company in tourism industry

  • International wine trading house

  • Exclusive fine dining restaurant

Chemicals and petrochemicals

  • Regional chemical trading group

  • Budapest-based agro-chemical production plant

  • Plastic processing firm

  • East-Hungary, chemical processing plant

  • Multinational petrochemical sales network

Pharmaceutical, health care

  • Swiss medical sales company in Hungary

  • International pharmaceutical company, Hungary Representative Office

  • Human resources management company

Information technology, telecommunications, electronics

  • Mobile operators

  • IT and electronics production plant

  • Electronics assembly plants

  • IT manufacturer and service provider companies

  • Leading multinational telecommunications service provider company

  • Software development company in EU

Energy and measuring industry

  • Nuclear power plant radiation measuring equipment manufacturer company

  • International engineering and contracting corporation

  • Process automation specialist firm

Business Services, Higher Education

  • University law school

  • International chamber of commerce and industry

  • Hungarian law firm

We are also very proud of our participants on our "Performance Management Programs for Management People" arranged together with Hotel Holiday Beach Budapest, e.g.:

Aegon, Ahico, Air France - KLM, Amex, Bizerba, Borsodi Sörgyár, Bunge, Carlsberg, CIB, DHL, Fundamenta, Ganz-Skoda, GE, Generali, HP, IBM, Infineon, K&H, Mavir, METRO, POS Media, SAP, Uniqa, Velux, Volksbank, Volvo, ...