Business Creativity

A Program To Improve Earning Capacities By Improving Internal Business Creativity

Optimize - Decrease Costs - Increase Profit

Get Results!

Improvement of Internal Business Creativity

What is this program about?

A workshop & training for all participants to contribute more

  • to reach the goals and targets

  • to meet the profit expectations

  • to improve earning capacities

of the company, by

  • putting into effect the internal creativity

  • better utilizing existing resources

on a smart, efficient and fast way.

Main Elements

  • First Step: a one-day startup workshop & training

  • Next Steps: processes are being carried forward within the teams.

Cost Effective

  • program is built on utilizing existing internal resources

  • only one, the first day of the program is held by external trainer, consultant

  • thereafter the "drivers of the changes" are the head of the teams, divisions.

We recommend this program for

  1. International and multinational companies

  2. SMB-s.


Teams, groups, departments from within the organization.

Recommended number of participants

The reach best efficiency minimum 3, maximum 16 participants in one group are welcome.

When do you need this program?

If at least one of the statements hereunder fits to your company;

  • There are internal conflicts either within teams or among teams

  • The processes are too slow

  • We are not efficient enough

  • Our operating costs are high

  • People are complaining, but doing nothing for change

  • People are waiting for somebody who says them what to do

  • We react for the problems when they actually happen.

What are the Expected Results?

  • Improved processes

  • Improved internal communications

  • Streamlined and more rational operation

  • Cost reductions and optimization

  • Proactive approach

  • More accurate and in time delivery of targets and goals.

Side Effects

  • Better, more collaborative teams

  • Open, honest and constructive communications

  • Creative business behaviour

  • Strengthened loyality

  • Even more employees, who like to work for your company.

Not only cost effective, but also ...

Why is it Highly Effective?

The participants:

  • define and assign their own tasks

  • execute and accomplish their own tasks

  • set their own deadlines

  • define their own "next steps".

To Management Teams, too

Tailor-made versions to (top) management people

With added focus to:

  • Even more organized and structured operation

  • Cost reduction, rationalization

  • Increase activity

  • Grow up High Performing Teams.