What is Performance Management

Performance management is the process of activities and tasks to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

Performance management should focus on performance of the organization, a department, a team, the individuals, and the processes to build a product or service.

Benefits of Performance Management

Managing employee or system performance facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational targets and goals.

Benefits are:

  • More motivated workforce

  • Improved management control

which could lead to direct financial gains.

About the Program

LC One's "Performance Management in Practice - Training & Workshop" is a leadership development program, which completes and supplements the existing performance management system at your company, with

  • people management and leadership tools related to performance management system

  • personal experience, team experience in using the above tools in daily performance management operations.

Important Notice

This training and workshop does not substitute or overwrite your existing performance management system, but supplements it with real, business life people management and leadership experience.