Business Style - Business Etiquette - Business Communication

To support you reaching your business and personal goals

All-in-one training to maximise your personal impact on professional level!

Based on real business needs!

Our continuously renewed program "Business Style - Business Etiquette - Business Communication" is an efficient and practical development training for all-level members of the business world in Hungary.

We developed our program based on the internationally well-known "Positive Personal Impact" and "Maximising Personal Impact" programs, inluding the outcome of

  • our deep-interviews with HR directors of both service sector and manufacturing international and local companies operating in Hungary

  • our deep-interviews with expat managers of international companies operating in Hungary, and

  • international surveys and publications of the Gallup Institute.

The program's further speciality is to simultaneously develop the participants' competencies in the three fields.

Style + Etiquette + Communication


A professional combination of practical and fuctional training and workshop to refresh, update and deepen from basis to details.


For the even better representation of the corporate values and corporate interests by the employees:

  • in their business behaviour

  • in their appearance

  • in their verbal and non-verbal communications.

For the even more efficient application of the values and norms of business and corpotae behaviour:

  • to reach company goals.

To Whom?

Both to beginners and to advanced experienced professionals:

  • office staff, service staff

  • managers at all level

  • leaders

  • factory staff, production staff

  • factory team leaders, production team leaders

  • factory managers, production managers

  • operation managers

To everybody, who is willing to brush-up or widen and deepen their practical knowledge and competencies in style, etiquette and communication from business point-of-view.

Business Style

  • style in appearance

  • commanding presence

  • dressing codes

  • attitude

  • communication styles

  • leadership styles

Business Etiquette

  • in the office

  • in the factory

  • in the workshop

  • in the meeting room

  • in the hotel

  • in the restaurant

  • during meals

  • on a reception

  • on a corporate party

  • during teleconferences

  • during telephone calls

  • during video conferences

  • on personal meetings

  • in community networks

Business Communitation

  • verbal communication,

  • non-verbal communication (gestures, body-language, ...),

  • written communication (email, mail, fax),

  • written communication (sms, chat and community networks),

  • presentation communication

  • one-to-one communication

  • one-to-group communication

  • phone and video communication


So as always to provide the most efficient and most useful development, for the best benefit of our partners we are always doing a series of preliminary surveys at our partners, mostly by deep-interviews with some of the Management Team members, HR management and some other experts, occasionally complemented with prior consultations.